Author Quadlock wireless charger & Samsung wireless charging pausing  (Read 284 times)

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    Quadlock wireless charger & Samsung wireless charging pausing
    on: 25 Jul 22, 08:46:13
    25 Jul 22, 08:46:13
    just wanted to post a solution to a problem some may have had, or may be having, with charging a Samsung phone on the Quadlock wireless mount.

    I got the quadlock set up with vibration damper & wireless charger on the bike the day before going into Europe for a tour a few weeks ago, got everything installed easily enough, USB power from the accessory socket and have to say it is a great set up. the only hiccup i found was it would charge my phone for say 10 mins then flash up on the screen 'wireless charging paused', it did this everyday no matter what i tried, power was always on at the charger and the USB point was always live so i couldnt work out what it was.

    Searched a few bike forums and couldn't find any obvious issue others were having, but then noted on a wider google search a lot of people seemed to be having issues with the desktop wireless chargers. anyway long story short after reviewing a few of the comments one of them jumped out at me, 'turn off the fast wireless charging in the settings' low and behold after doing that during the last 200 miles its never stopped charging once  :celebrate:

    it transpires there is a minimum 5V+ required to provide fast charging on samsung phones, and it may be at certain points it dropped just below that and the phone then paused the charging.

    just thought id share in case anyone else was having a similar issue and drawing a blank during searches  :028:

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    Re: Quadlock wireless charger & Samsung wireless charging pausing
    Reply #1 on: 25 Jul 22, 08:41:48
    25 Jul 22, 08:41:48
    Enjoying the V4 "ROAR"