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Accessories and Products / Re: Keis heated jacket fuses
« Last post by Shandy on Today at 11:10:00 PM »
I use the Heated jacket along with the heated inner gloves, use a 10amp fuse I think.

The inner gloves work well, except they don't keep your hands warm, just keep them not cold which is a strange concept  :087: now considering the new Keis outer gloves...just have to win the lottery first  :745:

But to answer your question Ninja, in the box their should be a leaflet which tells you exactly what fuse you should use, depending on what combination of Keis products your using  :164: :oh_no: :430:

I also wire directly to the battery for best results. SBS also do the optimizer connector, if you want to just plug into that instead of wiring another lead
Why does anyone want lower pegs???? SX is a sports tourer for F***s sake either do some exercise and loosen up your knees or God forbid buy a Hartley  :134:

I'm working on something that may make a similar item available to all at same quality and hopefully lower cost!

Basically, I wasn't happy with the postage costs and seemingly difficult ordering process from MotoWerk. And this thread has only sealed that opinion!

And I wasn't content with ordering cheap Chinese knock-offs, reading posts about having to turn your toes in to reach break / gear levers put me off and I also wanted something that incorporated the original foot peg.

Therefore I have been exploring other options, it seems their are VERY few manufactures willing or able to produce something similar for such a small market. However, persistence pays off and I may have found a way  :038:

Early stages yet, but I'm working on it...

Also Fallenwout, you did the right thing! Better to be safe than seems a combination of EU bureaucracy and more likely Trump's levy on export duties from the US to blame for making it harder for small business to do trade outside of the states!

Also, credit card companies will cover you for a lot and you definitely did the correct thing to contact them. However, there is a thing called 'reasonable vigilance' which basically means common sense. You have the responsibility to guard your own details as much as they do and giving over that much info, knowingly to a foreign address would probably have lead to you answering some serious questions from your credit card issuer if it did indeed turn out to be fraud. Just so everyone's aware, that's all. Not suggesting in any way that you would have done and the very nature of this thread proves that you quite rightly were suspicious!
Accessories and Products / Re: Keis heated jacket fuses
« Last post by Scotty001 on Today at 10:33:33 PM »
If your using the Aux connectors on the bike use the maximum fuse rating wrote on the fuse box and NOTHING HIGHER. The fuse is there to protect the wiring of the bike. You do not want to overload it and burn out the wiring or fuse box. (it's possible that the bike jacket needs more power (amperage)  that Aux wiring loom is designed for. If this is the case you need to connect direct to battery or via a switched live fuse box. (easily build able or you can buy a pre built one for twice / three times the cost of you making it.

If your connecting direct to the battery or a switched live fuse aux box then use a gauge of wire the same as the jacket lead and  corresponding inline fuse (personally I'd use a fuse rated an amp or two lower than the max capacity of the jacket lead) that way the fuse will activate before the jacket wiring burns out / tries to catch fire if there is a fault.

Although fuses are rated to say 7amps it doesn't mean they are designed to run constantly at 7amp the fuse will die out and blow quickly.
(The best comparison I can make is running a 7amp fuse constantly at 7amps is the same as only riding your bike on the red line constantly, your going to blow the engine it's not going to be good)

The actual running amps of the jacket is likley to be well under the fuse rating (often by more than half).
The reason for the fuse rating being higher than the running amperage is the start up demand, when you turn on an electrical item, the start up peak demand is much higher than the constant running demand  the item uses.

The wiring for the item is also designed to cope with the peak demand and a little more, the fuse SHOULD ALWAYS be rated a few amps lower than the load the wiring is designed to to take so it blows before the wiring does or in case of a nasty short circuit, as soon as that happens so you don't have a constantly smouldering electrical fault.
For anyone who lives within collection distance of Derby, I've just put an ad on ebay for a job lot of all the copies of Bike magazine from 2002 to 2006 inclusive (almost, 4 issues missing...). All of the £20 price goes straight to Cancer Research if anyone wants to buy them. If you do, then please buy through ebay. Item number is eBay item number: 323661924058

Worth checking the fuel hose is fully pressed home over the nozzle on the end of the pump. If i remember rightly it can feel like its pushed on but then needs another 5 or 10mm of movement to be fully seated before you put the red plastic clip down to lock it in place.
Z1000SX - General Discussion / Re: Panniers standard on which model?
« Last post by Foxy on Today at 09:43:33 PM »
I've toyed with the idea of changing mine (Black 2011) for a later model but over the years I've done some useful mods to it so I'll keep the old girl for ever I think:-

Maxton front fork revalve / respring
Notron NTR 2 rear shock
Slipper clutch
Pipewerx exhausts
Braided lines
well serviced and looked after

I've never had fixed panniers and don't like the look of the early models as they look too bulky, but think they did a great job with the integrated versions. I do a bit of two up touring and have a Givi topbox that I fit when needed and used some throw over oxford panniers but the zips packed up whilst touring in Germany last year.

Decided to chuck a few more quid at a semi rigid setup with the Givi 3D600 and TE4100 rials

A couple of weeks lead time but I'll let you know what they're like once I've received and had chance to try.

*Originally Posted by Ninjamaster [+]
Does the fuel pump prime when you first turn the key?

Yes it does.
On Two Wheels / Re: Introducing my new baby ...
« Last post by kernowjim1 on Today at 06:52:15 PM »
Premium price for far eastern produce.
Accessories and Products / Re: Keis heated jacket fuses
« Last post by Ninjamaster on Today at 06:02:10 PM »
Thanks david
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