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New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by Blue on Today at 12:16:17 AM »
Welcome Mike, I just did the same trade, very sad to see the tiger gone - but I'm loving my Z, totally different bike
On Two Wheels / Re: Advanced riding qualifications - who's got what
« Last post by Blue on Today at 12:12:10 AM »
Well I just signed up for my IAM course, so that would be an extra vote if it was open.
Waiting to get contact from the local group now
Z1000SX - General Discussion / Re: Campin it up !
« Last post by L2RKE on Yesterday at 11:25:50 PM »
Been away.camping several times on my sx. Does the job really well.
Have fun. :002:
New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by ed on Yesterday at 11:13:12 PM »
Good choice - quick and comfy and a doddle to ride (as long as you have good tyres on it...). Just got home from a couple of days away on mine - it's a great bike to ride, nice and smooth and loads of wallop when you want to overtake a line of cars swiftly and safely. Nice and forgiving in the corners too.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Super unleaded/redex
« Last post by ed on Yesterday at 11:06:18 PM »
Z1000SX hasn't got a knock-sensor, so higher octane fuel won't generate any more power as the ignition map won't change (opposite to a car which will advance the ignition then listen for knock and retard the ignition a touch when it detects knock).
I only use it in 2 circumstances:
- in Alps when at high altitude as my Honda started to knock quite a bit at 8-9,000feet up and pulling away at low revs in higher gears
- just before hibernation for the winter I fill it with Shell VPower as it's supposed to be highest quality fuel, so I figure it should be the best stuff to leave in the tank over the winter.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Coolant top up
« Last post by ed on Yesterday at 10:54:35 PM »
*Originally Posted by carper [+]
Just checked coolant and its just below min.No leaks at all so want to top it up.Ive heard people say use oem antifreeze any suggestions .Castrol,Putoline ??? Thanks in advance
Mine was at minimum level and I asked my Kawasaki dealer. They sold me a litre bottle of "Silkolene Pro Cool advanced all season non-toxic engine coolant" and said that's what they use. It's pre-mixed so I just put it straight into the water expansion tank and it took about 250ml to get to the max line. It cost me £7.11.
New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by Ninjamaster on Yesterday at 10:35:40 PM »
 :401: how are you able to wait a whole month for collection! Your a more patient man than me lol.
New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by mdr1970 on Yesterday at 10:25:03 PM »
Hi Mike,  :401: to the forum and your pending SX  :031:
Z1000SX - General Discussion / Re: Lowered Pillion footpeg
« Last post by Anders on Yesterday at 10:05:50 PM »
*Originally Posted by keithzx [+]
pics as requested
Are they shorter than the standard pegs? How is the ground clearance?
Z1000SX - General Discussion / Campin it up !
« Last post by lumpy on Yesterday at 09:59:27 PM »
Got my first trip away camping on the SX .Really lookin forward to it ! Love gettin away with thw lads on the bikes . Hope my old Oxford luggage holds up .  :830:
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