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Bikes for Sale / Re: 20 plate
« Last post by northern lad on Today at 02:24:00 PM »
Well done, glad you got the deal you wanted, good luck with your new bike, enjoy it and stay safe. As a footnote he's right about some people on here, I thought it was a forum where like minded people with a passion for the Z1000SX could go for advice, maybe sell or buy something and have a bit of friendly banter, but after reading some of the posts this isn't entirely true, some just cant help themselves and be quite nasty,  so as he so eloquently put it 'its goodnight from him and its goodnight from me', I won't be using this forum again.
When I got my bike I asked for an electronic copy of the workshop service manual. However, they're not even available to dealers, they have to download specifics when they need them.

As above, you can get a hard copy - at a price.

There aren't significant enough changes to need the latest manual for basic servicing (IMO)
There are plenty of vids and older manauls to support just about everything other than the Electronics/IMU/ECU which would be warranty related anyway  :027:
Yes, there is one available from Kawasaki themselves. Sit down before you ask the price though! 😲😲😲
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: Cheap Aftermarket end cans
« Last post by Mazzer on Yesterday at 07:43:10 PM »
Yes they do look nice
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: Cheap Aftermarket end cans
« Last post by Scotty001 on Yesterday at 05:48:01 PM »
*Originally Posted by Mazzer [+]
Are they road legal noise wise..?

Thanks Maz

No BUT only just, and not to an extent you will get pulled or get complaints, it's the cat that does 80% of the noise reduction, removing baffles doesn't make the performance akra cans much louder at all but it does give the exhaust note a nicer deeper tone so your bike doesn't sound like a flies fart in the wind. This will be the same for all cans.
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: Possible DIY Tail Tidy
« Last post by Scotty001 on Yesterday at 05:42:54 PM »
Yeah I did modify a pyramid duck tail to be able to flip down from a smaller no plate affixed to a R&G tail tidy.

The friction hinges I used have weakened a little with age and there's a little bit of looseness when in the folded up position.

I did remove it the other day and took a ride in the wet, there was a huge difference, with the mod there was a tiny tiny bit of loose spray the could over an extended time lead to a little bit of a soggy bottom.

With the extension removed and a 15 min ride in the wet it looked and felt as if I had been sat in a puddle for 15 mins. I'm trying to think of another way to have a "fold away" extender that won't get a little slack in it over time, but due to the location I'm trying to find a solution that will stand up to being soaked wet and still work.
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: Possible DIY Tail Tidy
« Last post by mdr1970 on Yesterday at 04:03:31 PM »
I remember Scotty001 modifying a flip down fender extender on a proper tail tidy.

Not the crud catcher...the number Plate extension like I have here:
Use the search function, or contact him directly  :028:
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Possible DIY Tail Tidy
« Last post by Zoso on Yesterday at 03:01:36 PM »
Hi Everyone.
Another wet day so i got to thinking - i need another lockdown project !!
So was thinking of an alternative to the bulky tail tidy on the SX. Looked at a few of the common aftermarket ones on my travels but they look a little tacky with the wiring showing etc.
So,i just had the idea of getting a used standard tidy off ebay and cutting it down / modifying to suit then adding a small number plate.
Anyone done it or suggestions please
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: Cheap Aftermarket end cans
« Last post by Zoso on Yesterday at 02:41:07 PM »
Hi Mazzer
I mentioned previously on another thread that i bought a pair of satin finish ProRace pipes from ebay for £119.
Sound and look fantastic imo.
Well worth it
Hope this helps

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