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Insurance / Re: Where to mount phone holder
« Last post by aljaxon on Yesterday at 11:41:50 PM »
under the top yoke left side is a bolt you can take out and replace with a longer one and then bolt your mount to the new available thread
i wish i was a good enough rider to be able to tell the difference to changes in settings

to me everything is  just a blur as i go round bends trying my hardest to keep the bike in my lane at speed and dunno if its adrenaline or shit scarediness but after each ride i cant really say what has just happened.

0n my zx6r i   once rode up and down the same bit of road for 2 hours stopping, changing set up and then ride again to try and detect changes and i honestly couldnt come to any serious conclusion

so i left everything soft and everyone who rode my bike said its unique and like sat in an armchair as if the road isnt there. dived a lot under braking but i got used to it.

whereas the optimum settings according to the mags were all one or two clicks off hardest.

set up like that i couldnt brake hard into corners -leaning over whilst braking right up to the apex (usually cos id misjudged)

the sx is different. it feels like there is play in the head bearings and so everything after that doesnt register.

i need tpo watch some youtube videos on how to set sag. im 14 stone in old money -89kg but often ride with short fat wife = 63kg
cheat like i do now and then.
lean the other way when going round bends and push the bike under you.
you can do this going in a straight line and the bike leans over quite a bit but still going forwards.

the more you hang off the bike knee down the less the bike has to lean.
so lean the other way.
you do actually feel more upright and less scarier as your head/elbow/knee isnt grazing the tarmac.

(not that that ever happens to me lol)
My phone (S10+) presses up awkwardly against the screen when put it in a RAM X-mount, which I don't like. Serves me right for having such a damn big screen lol
Sorted now, found a little recess just under where you set clutch.

Cheers all.
How come you didn't like it?
Insurance / Re: How much do you pay?
« Last post by vanquishride on Yesterday at 10:00:03 PM »
I pay £394 which I think is terrible. I use Cornmarket who give a discount for IAM members.

I rang around loads this year also.

Might try Kwaka next year.
Lean it over more and the strips disappear 😂
New Members / Re: Hello from Essex!
« Last post by ooooo on Yesterday at 09:29:42 PM »
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Problem fitting new clutch lever
« Last post by CraigZ on Yesterday at 08:42:22 PM »
Guessing that this spring returns the lever to its rest position after pushing it away from the bar for span adjustment. So I suspect it goes behind the top square shaped flange on the lever?
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