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you'll have to show us a pic or two
I’ve just purchased a new mount from eBay from evotech performance: it mounts using two bolts just under the stem mount.

I already have a handle bar mount and a wing mirror mount but I thought this looked like a decent solution. Behind the screen and in front of me.
I put one on my sx, the horn went inside the front right part of the fairing, the compressor under the riders setat. tight but it will fit.
Insurance / Re: MCE gone bust / Into LIQUIDATION?
« Last post by Liam_1024 on Today at 05:18:47 PM »
Good tip someone mentioned above- I nearly fell off my chair when I was looking at getting a 2020 Ninja, to get an insurance quote of £1900! Tried putting it in manually as a ninja 1000 SX and it was still the same.

You have to go back to calling it a Z1000SX with the year as 2020 and it will return realistic prices
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: What about these for sets??
« Last post by whyhaveone on Today at 04:22:33 PM »
There should not be any import duty as they are less than £135.

I've not had to pay any VAT either on goods less than that value.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Front forks service?
« Last post by whyhaveone on Today at 04:08:07 PM »
You will need a few special tools to de-assemble and re-assemble the forks. Unless you can borrow them it would not be worth your while compaired to getting them serviced - IMO.  :034:

New Members / Re: New Member
« Last post by Oldpostie on Today at 02:11:04 PM »
Hi Timmy Biker,

The bar risers I fitted are by a company called Moto Cnc a google search should take you to them
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Front forks service?
« Last post by Timmy_Biker on Today at 01:11:28 PM »
*Originally Posted by whyhaveone [+]
At 7K miles you will only need a visual check on things like seals. The springs and other components will be fine.

However, in this case it's the age that decides. I'd replace the fork oil and check that the steering stem bearings are properly greased and tightened. Also check the fork clamps.

The official way to change fork oil is complex and no doubt expensive and includes fork removal and dismantling. It may be possible to change the oil without fork dismantling, but you will risk contaminents, etc., remaining.

If you were to go for a full dismantling to change the oil, I'd get a price for this and compare that with a front fork upgrade including installation from the likes of Nitron/Wilburs/etc.

Thanks for the comments Whyhaveone.
Isn't it always the way that a simple scheduled maintenence turns into an exploration of possible upgrades?  :oh_no:
So I do get your logic completely. Its about £140-180 to get someone else to service them (full disassembly and clean). That is just supply only, so i would have to remove and take them to Plymouth (25 miles) and collect them, refit them, which i can do, no problem. But that is a 100mile journey, plus the pennies they will want. All of that is without new parts, which would probably come to £50 or so. Note: i don't begrudge their mark up on parts, just being realistic!  :002:

The upgrade trick cartridges look good, and by all accounts are much better than stock valving.
But theres the rub- they are really expensive and well out of my budget.
I only use the bike for touring, so i cant really justify it. I am lucky that i can use my Z900RS for spirited, faster riding.

I am now thinking that i might as well do the whole thing myself. That way i can strip them right down and clean/inspect to my own satisfaction .However, i have never done this before and i think i will need one or two special tools.
A seal driver for sure, if i am intending to change the dust and oil seals.
I get your point about the head race bearings. No doubt, whilst i am in there i will inspect and re-pack with grease.

If anyone has any advise on servicing forks, gratefully received.

I know that theres a couple of YT vids on it by Wrenchie and Delboy. I may also get the manual to help along the way.
Pyramid seals look like a good supplier and i am sure fleabay can deliver on the seal driver.  :037:
Many thanks again.

Accessories, Mods and Appearance / Re: What about these for sets??
« Last post by mdr1970 on Today at 09:30:28 AM »
Not tried any of these, but been tempted over the years  :490: 

They feed into my addiction looking for Red accents on Black :008:

If they allowed you to lower the pegs below standard, rather than higher, I'd probably have given some of them a shot :006:
Accessories, Mods and Appearance / What about these for sets??
« Last post by Timmy_Biker on Yesterday at 11:35:09 PM »
 Whilst meandering on fleabay i came across these.  :005:
I know, I know.. there are some excellent sets out there, but you can forgive me for the curiosity..  :027:
Especially for that price, bit of a wait though and could be import tax??
Anyone tried them??
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