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Wolf / RST Outlast Gloves
on: 25 Jan 18, 11:57:04

This makes for disappointing reading.,7692.msg94591.html#msg94591

Having just bought a new Wolf Jacket with Outlast lining, I was hoping to get the matching gloves.
my current gloves are the best I've ever had. Unfortunatly their Triumph gloves, so don't really go with the SX. But more importantly their now coming apart at the seems, getting to the point where I cant sew them up any more.

Some research has led me to find that Wolf is actually the premium end of RST, just as TrikMoto is their budget end...amazing what you can find out.

Listed on the web as all being from the same UK distributer but talking to a few dealers who all seem to agree their actually all made by 'RST'. TrikMoto is made abroad all together but RST R&D in UK then made for the mass market abroad whereas Wolf designed and made at RST in UK (along with some of te more high-end RST gear)
Don't know just how true all or any of that is, but it seems to be a convincing roumour.

Anyway, RST also do some Outlast lined gloves that look suspiciously like the Wolf ones but about £20 cheaper. I was considering both of these against some Halvarssons with Outlast as well.

I'm not too concerned about temp holding as I combine them with Keis heated under gloves when commuting in winter but they have to be waterproof!

My current gloves are completely textile, so interested about the leather comparison.
I also have an old pair of RST summer gloves I wear when it gets really hot, but I'll be relying on whatever I buy to last 80% of the year round!

Reading whats written in above topic, I'm a little put off.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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