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Author Topic: Puig screen fitted, side by side pics with the OEM Screen  (Read 15025 times)

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I feel your pain. Looks good but I had to put rubber grommets in top two screws for it to be effective as I am 1.8 meters tall. Now I can sit upright and get good protection. Expected more protection from taller screen but hey, it is what it is and a small mod can make the world's difference.

You will enjoy your bike more if you comfortable on it and I would recommend trying something similar.


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Brill. pictures, thanks. Have ordered.
Can you help? Just p/x my 15 SX tourer for new non-tourer (transferring my changed colour panniers across, just buying new rails) pick up next Friday. I had the same tank pads on as you but cannot remember where I purchased. They are, I think, the best style. Please, where did you buy?
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The tank pad is OEM Kawasaki - any dealer or dealers selling via eBay - about £33.
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Those are very dark tints, not black, you can definitely not see through mine like that.
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 :828: great info cheers


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*Originally Posted by Street Hawk [+]
Hi guys, i am new here. i bought the puig tall screen and have to say i was disappointing as a tall rider still getting bad head shaking on freeway and wind noise was bad with the screen on high setting. I then asked the kawa technician to put two grommets on the screens top screws to just lift it about 3/4 cm. This took away the head shaking and wind noise. I can ride even with the lowest setting without the wind hitting me straight in the head and shoulders.

Hope this will help.
Not sure this thread still active but do you mean three quarters of a CM or 3 to 4 CMs or am I reading this like 3/4 as in around 7mm or ?
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Thank you for posting these images and comments. Really helpful advice and great to see the difference on the bike. Only bad thing is you cost me £75 as I'm going to have rush off and buy one! :-)


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Does anyone else with a Puig screen find they vibrate and distort once you hit rather unreasonable speeds? Just seem quite thin and supple compared to previous bikes I've had
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