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Author Topic: Indicators not working at the rear  (Read 334 times)

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Offline muggs

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Indicators not working at the rear
on: 22 Dec 19, 02:59:56
Hi all. I replaced my my tail tidy yesterday & now i cannot get my rear led indicators to work. Front led,s working fine, but the rears Nothing The flashers i am using on the rear
are the flowing type & they work fine when i test them across the battery terminals. But when connected up to the rear wires nothing at all.  :187: :187: :187:

Any help  :401: :828:

Ps, The flowing flashers are self fixing, no need for ballasts or resistors it says.  :087:


Offline Scotty001

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Re: Indicators not working at the rear
Reply #1 on: 22 Dec 19, 05:09:22
A couple of questions if possible.

Are these indicators new and just installed or were they connected to the previous tail system and known to be working?

If new have you got the polarity correct on the connector live wire of bike loom to live wire of indicator.

Are they of a reputable make? (ie where they say they are self ballencing, most led indicators don't do this and need a replacement relay or online resistors) what make and model are they?

You mention the front are led too,  are they self ballencing or have Inline resistors / you've changed the relay to accommodate.

Have you re connected original m previous rear indicators back up and confirmed they still work?


Offline Bart

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Re: Indicators not working at the rear
Reply #2 on: 22 Dec 19, 11:29:31
hi, i installed all LED's for the indicators and to be sure i installed a led indicator box and no problems, is easy to replace and not expensive.
The front are led bulbs and the rear are rizoma sequential indicators.
But best to check do the indicators work if yes check like said the polarity . At least the indicators lust work they only flashes fast if the indicator box is not changed or no ballasts are used.

In the link the models that i have installed in the rear
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Offline muggs

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Re: Indicators not working at the rear
Reply #3 on: 10 Jan 20, 01:41:11

Thanks for the replys scotty & Bart  :002: I managed to get my led indys working by fitting resistors to the rears. Everything is now fine.  :047:  :celebrate: Leds are far better. Headlights next on the list. :745: