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Re: How much do you pay?
« Reply #230 on: June 29, 2018, 07:22:06 PM »
£215 fullycomp for two bikes (multi bike ins)MCE
17 plate sx
Y plate (2001)Yamaha xjr 1300 ( but it's one of the benefits of being an old basdard)
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Re: How much do you pay?
« Reply #231 on: July 14, 2018, 07:47:23 AM »
Renewal quote just in...

Principle Insurance, I've been with them for about 4 years now and insured 3 different bikes over that time.

However, Renewal came in this year at DOUBLE last years!! Just over £1300!!

last year I paid £605 

Fully Comp, SD&P Incl. Commuting (8000-9000 miles per year)

SX 2016

DA15 postcode (inside M25), Garaged (as far as their aware)

5yrs NCB

3 points (SP30 2014)

2x minor fault claims (2014 & 2016)

31yr old male, Ambulance controller for NHS

I changed to the Z1000SX half way through last year, so haven't actually been quoted for this bike yet. But previous bike was still a litre bike!

Only other things to change are a NON-fault claim, back in October. I've been paid out in full for the repairs to my bike by third party insurer.

And I'm now Married!!

...Anyway, naturally I've been shopping around and so far The AA have come up best at £595. Fully comp SD&P+Commuting Incl. ride other bikes and European cover. Only difference is that Ironically, It doesn't include breakdown cover. But I'm pretty confident I can get breakdown cover for less than £600!!  :112:

the only explanation Principle could give me was that my previous underwriters were new last year and offered big discounts.This year...they no longer do motorcycle insurance! (hmmm...wonder why  )

I'll be giving The AA and, depending how that goes, a few others a call before the end of the month for a proper quote. Might even ask about breakdown cover too  :745:

Only bit I struggle with, is trying to explain Blood Biking... and how they should be covering me for free!  :034:
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Re: How much do you pay?
« Reply #232 on: June 12, 2019, 10:26:58 AM »
Well best year yet, although initial renewal quote was £30 higher than last years premium of £135.88  :211:

6yrs NCB protected - Peterborough postcode, bike & rider getting on now  :038:

Called them up and queried it and as per previous years with IAMSurety they beat any/all comparison site quotes, talked some crap about forgoing admin fees and this year I've just paid £109.08  :046:
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Re: How much do you pay?
« Reply #233 on: July 03, 2019, 10:59:17 PM »
When I bought the bike new in Feb 2018 the premium with MCE was £150 fully comp, full NCB, breakdown cover, garaged in rural Lincolnshire, 3000 annual mileage limit, social domestic & pleasure, no commuting.   
 This year it's down to - £113. The only reason I can think why it came down is I didn't include pillion cover this time.