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Author Topic: Exhaust gallery thread  (Read 215601 times)

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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #490 on: 08 Mar 20, 09:17:43


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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #491 on: 10 Apr 20, 07:20:19
Hi guys,

This is my z1000sx with full system Black widow exhaust (dual exhausts with headers).

i tried capturing a flyby. Hope you guys like it!

Let me tell you the black widows are really value for money and sounds amazing. The only thing is you get the sound more bassy. So for people who love to hear that sharp super sports exhaust note, I would still recommend the akrapovic instead of black widows. But remember Akra isnt as loud as these cans!. Enjoy the zoom...


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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #492 on: 24 May 20, 09:46:19
So, I’ve seen some differing opinions on this forum re: end cans. I’m interested the slash cut exhausts so an open system. I’ve seen some people suggest this could cause engine overheating and does effect performance negatively. I’ve seen others with no issues with them.

Any thoughts? What’s the verdict?


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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #493 on: 10 Jun 20, 03:54:24

Arrow Indy race can for 2020 Ninja.

~£340 on ebay from seller DB*Killer. 2-3 weeks delivery time from Italy.


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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #494 on: 29 Jun 20, 09:26:16
I put on my new exhausts today and love them , they sound just a little deeper and are pro race custom


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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #495 on: 01 Jul 20, 10:58:15
is there a video anywhere of how these sound?
ive seen one thats been decatted on youtube with these and it sounds loud
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Re: Exhaust gallery thread
Reply #496 on: 01 Jul 20, 08:25:15

Just as a fair warning to all those who will be riding off to Austria (Tirol) this summer:

Local government closed down several roads due to noisy bikes. They take the amount of dB's that probably in your case is written in your MOT. It is the homologation value.
They will act as if it's an evironmental misdemeanor the moment you ignore the signs.

I've seen this more often in Austria (speeding = environmental), but this one is new to me. So, just in case, take care.

I don't know whether they will make actual recordings of your noise the moment they find out your bike has after-market endcans.

Seems we are forced to go electrical all the way (over my dead body for now; I'm a petrolhead!)