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Author Topic: Where did you go on your Z1000SX today?  (Read 213983 times)

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Re: Where did you go on your Z1000SX today?
Reply #630 on: 07 Nov 19, 09:45:25
*Originally Posted by mdr1970 [+]
Just to left hand turn saw the road was shiny just a little too late gently tipped in but bike kept going straight with lean angle. Tried to keep her up with my left leg but too heavy and had to let her slide away  :019:  :oh_no: Looks like a lorry has dropped some diesel whilst parked there over night  :230:

Replacement R&G mushroom left side - 38.50
Snapped the thread in the bar end with handguard attached - 2nd hand ebay £79
Cracked the LED indicator on the handguard - £48.50 a pair
Scuffs on the Handguard itself, so replacing - £34.91

So = £200 ride in this morning :211: so not a happy chappy right now  :023:

Ouch feel for you.  :023:
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Re: Where did you go on your Z1000SX today?
Reply #631 on: 18 Dec 19, 04:48:22
Double ouch. Could of been worse. A lorry did not run over your bike & no one else involved. :006:


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