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Re: Service Costs
« Reply #430 on: November 16, 2019, 08:50:14 AM »
Essentially the difference in pieces between dealers is down to some changing the oil and others not doing so.  According to kawasaki's service schedule the 3800 service is a basic check over and brake check.  There is no requirement for an oil change.  Many dealers will do an oil change because it justifies another 1.5 hours labour and some parts.  But the oil and filter are easily capable of covering 8000 miles so it is normally entirely unnecessary.  It's just profiteering on the part of the dealers.

I recall my first 3750 service.  When I collected my bike the service manager very proudly gave me a list of stuff they had done and charged me for, none of which was on the service schedule.  I felt robbed to be honest, but I should have made the point when I dropped the bike off.

The exception is that many bikes don't cover 4000 miles in a year so probably should have an annual service anyway, which would normally include an oil change.
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