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Author Topic: Arrow headers, exhaust studs, & ECU flash  (Read 241 times)

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Hi all.

I’ve decided to fit a set of arrow headers to compliment the Scorpion Serket cans I have. I have a few questions that I hope you can all help with. It’s a 2018, 68 plate bike.
The exhaust studs and flange bolts were heavily corroded which were bloody hard work to get out. I’m planning on replacing them with stainless ones. Some of them are fully threaded bars and others have a non threaded bit in the middle? Does it matter which ones I get? The ones that came off have a non threaded bit on them.
The O2 sensor was a bugger to get off too, ended up using a heat gun. I plan on refitting it, although the arrow headers have a blanking plug fitted. Will it need the ECU flashing? If so, if I decide to sell the bike in 12 months time and refit the original system will it need doing again? I’m trying to avoid unnecessary spending. Thanks.