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Author Topic: Seeking Advice on improvements.  (Read 1811 times)

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Seeking Advice on improvements.
on: 13 Jan 22, 03:32:26
I have a low mileage 2016 tourer, in really good condition. I have serviced every year with quality synthetic oil etc. I recently changed the end cans for a pair of Leo Vince satin and carbon. Sounds a little better and looks good i think. Also huge weight loss from those bulky cans.
My question is this.
I want to free-up some more power from the bike and maybe smooth out the throttle at the same time. Also i would consider suspension upgrades if you people feel it is necessary! I am 86KG with my rider gear on.
I know this can be done in stages, and i am not seeking every last HP, because i am trying to avoid too much noise (if possible)  :005:. What, in your opinion, could i do to attain a noticeable power increase?

Has anyone got suggestions as to how to begin this journey??

All suggestions and experiences welcomed!!


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Re: Seeking Advice on improvements.
Reply #1 on: 13 Jan 22, 04:15:24
Other than a de-cat and re-map, I'm not sure there's a lot of scope for engine mods, especially if you want to maintain a civilized power delivery and noise level.

Get the stock suspension set up professionally (with new fork oil and some new tyres), and then see if there's any need to improve the suspension for your riding style - there are plenty of options here.

Other than that, if you really want to go faster, you're probably better off putting your hard-earned towards buying a faster/sportier bike.


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Re: Seeking Advice on improvements.
Reply #2 on: 13 Jan 22, 08:34:40
Suspension before power for me. A well set up bike is much more rewarding to ride than a 200bhp shopping trolley.

The best way to smooth the throttle is to get the bike professionally tuned.


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Re: Seeking Advice on improvements.
Reply #3 on: 14 Jan 22, 12:56:06
 :461: with kwacky :028:

Having my bike since 2014 this is the route I took, with decat and ecu remap being pretty much the last of the mods, other than new, extra, or updated bling :038:

You will not be able to release any noticeable power IMO without decatting, which WILL relase DB, so pick what's more important to you.

My Wilbers rear shock, new front fork oil and suspension setup at FTR in Braintree are without doubt my most valuable, in terms of bang for buck/rider experience so to speak :celebrate:
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Re: Seeking Advice on improvements.
Reply #4 on: 14 Jan 22, 01:29:03
Usually a power commander and a map for your bike and exhaust would be the start.. suspension is a bonus if you can have it set up ok, id also mention maybe getting a quick shifter fitted, i recently fitted a healtech one so should save half the clutch changes i have to do.. at least going up the gear box.. will see what comfort that adds to a journey soon!!
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Re: Seeking Advice on improvements.
Reply #5 on: 16 Jan 22, 11:10:02
 :461: with Kwacky and MDR Suspension is the best MOD you can do to a bike IMO, if you are wanting to increase BHP you will need to de-cat and remap the ECU your better off going down this route as you can improve a lot more than just the fuelling which is all that the power commander will do.  With the ECU flash you can delete the fuel cut (this will smooth out throttle inputs) and change the timing retard in selected gears.