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Author Topic: Moto-CNC Pivot Bar Risers for Ninja 1000SX  (Read 732 times)

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Just a heads up on these bar risers if you're thinking about buying. They won't fit the newer 2020 on versions because the new left hand switchgear has a small square block underneath, presumably to do with the cruise control, and this block prevents the handlebar being inserted into the riser.
I did email the company beforehand to check if they would fit and the replied saying they thought that they would fit.

Have to say though it's a shame they didn't fit because they are beautifully made. Moto-CNC did refund my purchase price but it did cost me to send them back.


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Re: Moto-CNC Pivot Bar Risers for Ninja 1000SX
Reply #1 on: 09 Oct 21, 05:51:03
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