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Author Topic: Farcical insurance companies  (Read 2749 times)

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Re: Farcical insurance companies
Reply #10 on: 26 May 21, 04:46:08
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As I've said on more than one occasion…legalised thievery


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Re: Farcical insurance companies
Reply #11 on: 04 Jun 21, 01:57:44
I see that as of early 2022 all companies will not be able to charge you anymore on auto renew as an existing customer than a new one getting discounted...about time too...they claim it will be the end of discounted insurance..a myth anyway.....but people will vote with their feet as always if not competitive...
I never auto renew and although annoying I saved 40% on my renewal this year just by a phone call...very frustrating all the same...
My Sx is a few years old now but remember they did not recognised my touring model at first...even though the log book describe it as one... :827:
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