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Author Topic: Dual Headlight Mod?  (Read 797 times)

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Offline Dudeofrude

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Dual Headlight Mod?
on: 22 Apr 21, 03:49:47
I figured this would be a topic asked 100s of times but I can't find anything on here?

Just wondering if there's a standard Mod to get both headlights on at the same time instead of the standard "winking" set up?
Might be a bit OCD but really drives me nuts only having 1 on at a time haha
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Offline Andyban69

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Re: Dual Headlight Mod?
Reply #1 on: 22 Apr 21, 08:25:31
Hi drove me mad on my 2014 so I fitted a control box from worked a treat for me as long as your ok doing a it of wiring modification nothing to hard tho


Offline Timmy_Biker

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Re: Dual Headlight Mod?
Reply #2 on: 09 May 21, 12:21:33
I have the 2016 SX and have pondered on the same from time to time.
The right hand side is the dip beam relfector and the left is the high(main) beam. In other words the bulbs are set in the headlights and are just on/off. The reflector is what designates the beam pattern. So in theory you can wire it up to put both lights on at once, but re-align the left to follow a dipped beam pattern.

But then how do you get a high beam?? Unless you just do without it?
Another thing to consider is that having a high (main) beam is a requirement for the MOT.
I wonder if a neat pair of auxiliary light packs for main beam can be put onto the fairing in a neat sort of way.
 That might be beyond my skills...
Good luck on your quest, please share any ideas or breakthroughs on this.
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