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Author Topic: Denali Powerhub location and switched power source (2019 Z1000sx)  (Read 376 times)

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I am sure this must have been covered before, but I cannot find the answer.

I want to fit a Denali PowerHub to tidy up some accessory wiring.

I had intended to fit the Powerhub under the pillion seat where the tool kit  is located. However there is not sufficient room to allow the pillion seat to 'sit' properly. If I put it under the rider's seat  towards the rear of the battery it becomes  slightly inaccessible. Can anyone suggest a more suitable place?

The location of a switched power source is proving problematic, for me at least.  Is there a suitable wire of sufficient free length that I can tap  into. I am somewhat nervous about cutting a wire only to find the two ends can't be easily joined!

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.


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Switched power source cables taped to the main harness behind left hand fairing, and also at the left hand side of the head light, these cables have
Fuses in the fuse box, don’t forget to put in the correct rated fuse for your accessories.  :028: