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Author Topic: Decat and remap 2020 model  (Read 262 times)

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Decat and remap 2020 model
on: 22 Feb 21, 03:34:56
Hi and thanks for letting me join the forum.
I'm just about to have the second service on my 2020 model ninja1000sx performance tourer and at the same time
decatting, I am also considering remapping as I read somewhere that there is a lot to be gained in power/performance
etc by doing this, on my last bike GSXS1000 I gained 15bhp got rid of the snatchy throttle and it really transformed the bike
so am hoping it makes this fantastic bike even better, so my question is have any of you de-catted and re-mapped and if so
what did you gain, hoping to use RJS superbike at Mallory park again as he was great with the last bike, looking forward
to seeing your replies cheers Rich


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Re: Decat and remap 2020 model
Reply #1 on: 22 Feb 21, 10:56:02
If you decat you WILL need remapping. :002:
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