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Author Topic: brake bleeding tube size  (Read 252 times)

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brake bleeding tube size
on: 22 Feb 21, 11:02:33
Hi can anyone tell me what size pvc tubing inner size is required to fit over the brake nipple for bleeding the brakes  4mm 5mm 6mm ? thanks


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Re: brake bleeding tube size
Reply #1 on: 22 Feb 21, 04:09:51
The tube I use is 5.5mm id.

The bleed nipples are 6mm dia at the widest point of the tapered end. You don’t want the tubing to big or a loose fit at the nipple end because it will make an awful mess when bleeding the brakes.  :028:


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Re: brake bleeding tube size
Reply #2 on: 22 Feb 21, 10:29:27
I use 5 or 5.5mm Di tubing, dip end of tube in boiling water (boil the kettle and pour a little in a mug) to make it soft and suple.

Then slide that end of the tube over the nipple, the tubing will cool down fairly quickly and it's normal ridgiity will return, with a good firm seal and grip on the nipple.

To remove the tube from the nipple just give it a good tug.