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Author Topic: My Z1000SX accident...  (Read 2667 times)

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Re: My Z1000SX accident...
Reply #20 on: 24 Jun 21, 06:49:06
Thanks for the advice.
Refresher session booked for Monday 😄👍🏻


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Re: My Z1000SX accident...
Reply #21 on: 24 Jun 21, 09:01:31
*Originally Posted by SyMc75 [+]
Thanks for the kind words.
I’m now almost recovered. Just a little fragment of bone sitting close to skin which will be reviewed by consultant at end of July

On the bike front it’s one week to go before I take possession of the Green Machine!

Full of a mix of anticipation but also apprehension.
Can’t wait to get back in the saddle however I’m also a little nervous how I will feel.

I’ve also ordered a new set of Road 5’s to be fitted the day after I get it as a little boost to aid my nervousness

I also had a get off and completely mashed my collar bone a few years ago. It was just under a year before I was allowed to drive again.

I was subconsciously creeping around corners and  wobbling along the straights.

I eventually went on a Bike Safe which completely rebuilt my confidence. Still a crap rider mind  :001:

Enjoy the new bike and take it easy.

I hope that the shoulder is sorted soon


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Re: My Z1000SX accident...
Reply #22 on: 28 Jun 21, 08:58:40
Share your pain mate as I’ve done both my collar bones in the past and sleeping is worst bit of trying too

Until you receive the payout the bike is legally yours surely