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Author Topic: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model  (Read 434 times)

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Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
on: 14 Oct 20, 08:20:01
Anyone give any advice on a new 2020 Ninja  Z1000sx please ? When riding at 70 mph the bike appears to want to rev more and it seems to want another upward gear change?


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Re: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
Reply #1 on: 14 Oct 20, 08:56:26
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new bike!

What revs does it sit at when you're at 70mph? And if you can remember, the mpg figure while it's there?

Also a few other bits of info -

What's the mileage? (has it had first service?)
Do you have adequate play in all the Controls (clutch levers, throttle etc)

There are plenty of experienced riders / Ninja 1000 owners on here and I'm sure it'll either be a quick fix or someone on here will tell you it's normal for the bike (as I have figured a lot of things are).

Did you have another bike before this one?

If you've bought direct from dealership I'm sure you will be able to take it back to them to have it checked out.

All the best!


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Re: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
Reply #2 on: 15 Oct 20, 07:36:00
 :401: Mayan, I came to a 2017 Z1000sx from a Triumph sprint RS And a Suzuki Sv1000s (triple and V twin) the first thing I thought was the Z1000sx was missing a gear and seemed to be hunting for a 7th gear. It took a little while for me to get used to the high revving inline 4  Z1000sx, now I know it's just one of the characteristics of this motor, I think nothing of it and all is normal and how it should be. (just like with the prev 2 bikes if I got anywhere below 30mph and higher then 2nd gear the engine was coughing and spluttering wanted to stall. With the Z I can be at 20mph in 6th and the motor will pull right the way to the redline without any hesitation.)


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Re: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
Reply #3 on: 15 Oct 20, 08:31:39

Most folk change the rear sprocket to a 39T to drop the revs by 500 rpm, it then feels normal. No loss of acceleration.

Please Note ... You CAN NOT change the front sprocket as the IMU has a hissy fit.
Regards David.

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Re: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
Reply #4 on: 15 Oct 20, 12:12:51
This is one of, if not the most common observation with the SX.
Lots of people change the rear sprocket to reduce engine speed slightly.   Personally I like the revvy nature of the bike and have never found it a problem.  After 9 years with an SX I think I am used to it.
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Re: Looking for 7th Gear 2020 model
Reply #5 on: 15 Oct 20, 05:29:44
thats what they do , it will rev even more if you go faster !!!!