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Author Topic: Rear caliper swap, anyone?  (Read 374 times)

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Rear caliper swap, anyone?
on: 21 Sep 20, 07:52:12
I have a 2013 Z1000sx and the rear brake is crap, compared to my old gen 1 Fazer 1000 it really is dreadful.  I've stuck a braided line on the rear, popped some EBC HH's in there, gave it a good bleed and still crap.

I've spoken to a couple of other Z1000sx owners and they too have stated that the rear brake is awful and it maybe down to the caliper itself.

If this is the case, does anyone know of a caliper that has the same mounting centres and fits with no issues?


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Re: Rear caliper swap, anyone?
Reply #1 on: 21 Sep 20, 10:47:14
I use my rear brake much more than the front and don't have anything special that you haven't.
Braided lines, ebc pads and still have the original disc with over 60k on it  :027:
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Re: Rear caliper swap, anyone?
Reply #2 on: 23 Sep 20, 08:32:42
Before you flame me, try this because it worked for me. Remove the return spring and give your rear brake a try. The master has an internal spring of it's own so I never bothered to find a thinner external one. That was thousands of kilometers ago.