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Author Topic: Getting really peed of now: Covid and N-Com failure  (Read 4130 times)

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After canceling a meeting up in Scotland ☹️ I thought that last week I'd do a triangular two day trip to Folkestone and Bigglesade, two CK challenge points and I'd booked accom in Folkestone.

My wife has had a cold, then gets a cough and sense of smell changes. So she has to isolate while she gets a Covid test and waits for the results - ~#@&%$~ another story, but what kind of third world country have we become??? I have to isolate and cancel my Folkestone booking at short notice losing my nights accom money.

Thursday my wife gets the all clear (phew!!!) so I decide to go for a ride late morning. I'm riding along when I feel and hear a banging on my helmet, so I pull over. My N-Com unit has separated from its base ( not it's adapter plate, but its base) and I cannot put it together! I can't see any fixing points or glue, it's like it was vacuumed on.

After contacting the company I bought it from (still no reply) I contacted the UK distributor who replied that this is something they have heard of. I now have to either send the helmet  and unit off or spending about 120 minutes removing the unit, re-assembling the helmet so I can use it in the interim, then de-assembling and re-installing the comms unit again when it's returned. I don't have a spare helmet.

If I said what I was thinking, I'd probably be banned from this forum. 😵  :230:
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Really annoying times. And as it seems we may even be heading towards a full national lock down again... Luckily I'm a key worker, but can't exactly justify taking the 75 mile long way round on a 3 mile trip  :008:

I've recently started having issues with my interphone sport - can definitely relate with your frustrating at something that you expect to just work!

Here's to hoping you get at least one decent trip before the cold weather really sets in.