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Kawasaki lowered seat
on: 11 Aug 20, 08:22:27
hello, has anyone put the Kawasaki lowered seat on their SX? How did you find it? Did it make much difference to the height and comfort?


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Re: Kawasaki lowered seat
Reply #1 on: 11 Aug 20, 10:36:55
What year? It's the same seat for the ninja as the older bikes. It lowers the 2020 bike by 28mm, but only lowers the older bikers by 8mm.

I had mine sculpted by Tony Archer as 8mm would make little difference.


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Re: Kawasaki lowered seat
Reply #2 on: 31 Aug 20, 10:41:11
Hi there …. yes I have the low seat on mine and as Nelix says it lowers seat height by 28mm. This is achieved by sculpting the front/side s so that the standover height is less e.g. doesn't splay your hips as much … Only done a few hundred miles and not a long ride yet so can't really comment on comfort just yet although no issues to report …… I have a 29" inside leg so the lower seat allows more of a ball of foot rather than tip toes …… also going to try softening suspension  :028: