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Author Topic: Speed triple out go Z1000 in!  (Read 254 times)

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Speed triple out go Z1000 in!
on: 04 Aug 20, 07:48:43
So just put a deposit on a pre reg Z1000 in px for my 14 plate speed triple which I have loved for 5 years, just felt time for a change. I think im really going to miss the sound of the triple but the Z1000 sounds great too right..different characteristics but still sweet? I love the look of the Z1000 and it was a toss up between the two 5 years ago. I hope I don't regret the switch!


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Re: Speed triple out go Z1000 in!
Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 20, 08:28:28
 :401: to the forum and your pending SX...You do mean SX right and not just Z1000 which is a different bike :027:
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Re: Speed triple out go Z1000 in!
Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 20, 10:08:54
Made the switch from a speed triple r to the sx

Admittedly the triumph handles much better and had the best brakes iv ever used

I sometimes regret the change but wanted decent pillion usability
Luggage and wind protection

Ironically I sold the panniers, my passenger hates the seat so much she hasn’t been on the bike in over a year (tried 5) and wind is still an issue but I still like it

Am I considering a change .... yes

But that’s just me, you may find you absolutely love it it’s a great do all bike and is still fun practical and usable in any situation