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Author Topic: Ninja 1000sx (2020) measured performance and data (from magazine)  (Read 436 times)

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For the "tech specs lovers" just want to share what has been measured on the sx by an italian magazine in an article btw comparing it to the bmw 1250rs (sport touring comparison).

Sorry for the metric data you imperial folks just convert :) :)

These are the data (as measured by their labs)

Weight (dry): 221.7 kg (distro 51.6% front 48.4% rear)
Tank: 18.7 liters
Fuel eco at 130kph: 17.1 km/l
Fuel eco during test: 15.5 km/l
Estimated fuel range highway: 320km
Tacho delta: 130 kph indicated = 124.5 kph real
Rev counter delta: 6000 rpm indicated = 5810 rpm real
Rpm at 130 kph in 6 gear = 5750rpm
Bags combined capacity = 59.32 liters

Max speed = 245.5 kph
Accel 0-100kph = 3.4 seconds
Accel 0 to 200 meters  and exit speed = 7.1 seconds - 171.6 kph
Accel 0 to 400 meters  (~quarter mile) and exit speed = 10.8 seconds - 209.2 kph
Time to accelerate from 90 to 130 kph in 6th gear = 3.1 seconds
Accel from 50 kph in 6th gear over 400m = 11.7 seconds  - 194.1 kph
Stopping distance from 90 kph and 50 kph = 35.5 meters - 11.0 meters

Power at wheel max : 126.0 CV at 9300 rpm
Torque at wheel max: 104.5 Nm at 8200 rpm
Specific power at crank: 132.4 CV/Liter
Average piston speed at max power: 17.36 m/s
Avg pressure over crank at max torque: 14.07 kg/cm^2
Dry weight oevr power ratio: 1.76 kg each CV


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Nothing to compare this against, is half this post missing, or am I reading it wrong
The older I get the faster I was


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I quoted only the data related to the SX (the comparison was the occasion to measure the SX), that is of main interest.

I have the magazine no more, but I recall also the RS emerged pretty good.
Two good bikes, but overall, the SX by the magazine was considered a very good package and in favour due to the taste of the reviewer.
More ergonomic than the RS, more compact, more sporty.
As obvious (200cc difference, and two versus inlinefour), RS more torquey, SX more revvy, each one its taste.
RS seems to brake in little less space (dunno the details) on street, but overall braking system of the SX was considered pretty good with no degradation in performance also during track use.