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Author Topic: First tyre change - what next?  (Read 1146 times)

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Re: First tyre change - what next?
Reply #20 on: 27 Jul 20, 09:57:45
*Originally Posted by Dartagnan [+]
Scotty001 Did you get that info off Facebook? ( 🤔😃 ) I didn't believe the bad press the OE tyres were getting, I find riders tend to find a make they like and stick to them and as I only ever use Bridgestone or Michelin when I bought my 2nd hand 2015 model a few years ago went back to the OE Bridgestone.
They were the worse tyres I've ever ridden on. Now about to buy my 3rd pair of PR5s they are the best tyre I've ever ridden on.

Nope not from Facebook, the press for the 2017 on launch was bad for the oem tyres, people on here who purchased the 2017 also reported many issues with the factory fit tyres including those that used the over the counter version on prev bikes and liked them, others more knowlegabke on here noticed that there was an identifier on the factory fit and dicovered the information I mentioned above.

I agree that people have their tyre preference, mine too is pr4/5 I had the factory fit tyres taken off and pr4 fitted for delivery based on "real rider" opinions of  the factory tyre and also my liking of pr4 from previous bikes. (I'm now on 5's) wet weather grip and handling is more of a deciding factor that super sticky summer geared tyres as I ride year round every day no matter the weather (rain storms and snow included) because I ride so much in the wet pr4/5 was an obvious choice for me. But as you say others have their own preference.