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Re: seat
Reply #30 on: 20 Apr 21, 10:49:26
*Originally Posted by EvilRacer329 [+]
Hey AndyR,

I'm guessing the 'Ergo' seat you're referring to is the official low seat option? I guess I'm lucky enough that I can get away with the stock height, but I'm looking for more comfort on 200+ mile days. I've done 500-mile days on other bikes and would very much like to do the same on my Ninja!



Yes it’s the official Kawasaki low seat I have. It’s very expensive for what it is, but it really helps with my little legs! As I’ve already mentioned comfort wise it doesn’t seem too bad to me so far. It will be interesting to see how I fair when/if I get chance to do a tour.   :830:


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Re: seat
Reply #31 on: 20 Apr 21, 11:13:02
*Originally Posted by NinjaSquared2 [+]
Top Sellerie do some great seats. They're high quality and can be customised as you want. It's a pricey option but in my opinion worth it.

They're based in France so I'm not sure how easy it is to get things moving now, but it can take 2-3 weeks.

Oh and for the record I'm 5'4 with a 29inch inseam and the lower seat helps me get both feet down while still being comfortable for 4-6 hour rides .. I think I win any 'short arse' competition hands down  :745:


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Re: seat
Reply #32 on: 09 May 21, 07:52:13
Just to say I picked up a pair of seats done by Tony Archer for my 2016 when lockdown lifted but only just got out on the bike ( ahem! ). A 4 hour ride on Friday was a real comfortable joy rather than a slow application of torture to the privates and undercarriage courtesy of Mr Kawasaki, which is what I experienced on my one longish ride last year.

The seat is flatter and therefore taller so my knees are also rather grateful. More importantly after an hour or so I wasn't just sitting on a hard piece of plastic.

The quality of the work is superb and for the price, I am more than happy.