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Innovv C5 camera installation.
on: 22 May 20, 05:26:40
I purchased this from Innovv Uk. I went for the C5 single camera system rather than the K2 dual, as for me the extra cost for a rear camera and GPS was not worth it.

C5 -
K2 -

Thanks to Sooty especially and Badger 47 who both answered questions via PM before I decided to purchase and afterwards. Both these members have different fitting positions than I do for the camera and would be well worth looking at their set ups too if you decide to fit one of these systems.

I like plenty of room to work so I removed the 3 parts of the LHS fairing. Details for doing this can be found in Jonathan Long's youtube channel. I also lifted the tank by removing the 2 bolts at the front. It will now pivot up and you can prop it upright. Take care not to damage paintwork and make sure it is secure.  I also removed both seats.

I spent quite a bit of time deciding where and how to mount the camera. I decided I wanted it below the screen and once I had the fitting kit in my hands I realised this would be feasible using the almost flat part of the panel under the screen and that the camera could swivel to allow the correct position.

So I removed my aftermarket screen, simply by removing the four screws. (I like to keep any fasteners removed in a small tub next to the removed part to make refitting easygoing )

Once removed, this is what you see. (2019 bike)

I removed the panel in order to check pre fitment and for drilling the hole for the camera bracket. To do this there are two screws visible on the panel and two popper fasteners, shown removed in the pic. above. Remove these and then you need to remove 2 more screws situated either side of the clocks as you face them. (One showing in the pic below.

You can then remove this panel.

I positioned the L shaped bracket on the lower, flat part of the panel and marked the position for drilling. I drilled a pilot hole, then bigger until it would take the supplied fitting bolt. Please note if positioning here, that bolt is too long to allow the panel to go back on and you will need to source a shorter bolt.

This is how it looks with the camera fitted.

By loosening the bolts either side of the camera clamp, you can now swivel the camera to get the correct alignment.

At this point you should download the app and wire up the power source and connect the power module to the DVR along with the camera. I wired the black and red to the battery terminals and the yellow switched live I put a male bullet connector on and wired it into the female accessory connector behind the LHS fairing. (Pic further down)
 Once powered up connect the app to the DVR by WiFi, using the live recording in the app will let you see on your phone what the camera is seeing and this will let you align the camera to your taste before tightening the clamp holding the camera.

You may be asked to update the firmware version for the DVR. Remove your SD card from the DVR and connect to your computer with the SD card reader provided. Download the latest firmware from the Innovv UK site. Instructions are on the site. Please note once downloaded this is a Zip file and needs to be unzipped before dragging/copying onto the SD card. This is not in the instructions.
Also if you have a large SD card you may need to use a smaller card to get the update onto the DVR before replacing it with your larger card.

Innovv UK will happily advise on this if need be.

So now you have your camera mounted, tested it's position and are ready to install properly.

I routed the camera through one the slots for adjusting the screen, having first checked it would not interfere with the mechanism. I wanted the cable to the side, away from the forks and headstock. The pics below shows the camera cable and the yellow switched live attached to the bikes loom.

I then routed the switched live and camera wires back through the frame to under the riders seat. If doing this again though, I would probably try and find a place nearer the front of the bike for the power supply. Two reasons for this, firstly there is very little switched wire left by the time you reach the underseat area and secondly there is very little space for the power module either. (This has to be kept a distance away from the DVR itself)

Next was mounting the DVR unit under the riders seat. I removed the black metal crossbar to get a bit more room, simply two bolts.
The cradle will sit nicely in this area crosswise, put it hard against the far side. I used the 2 sided tape for the cradle and then also screwed it in place with the screws provided. The DVR then clips into place with enough room on the near side for the cabling.

Finally, finding a place for the power module. I struggled with this, hence why saying earlier that if doing this again I would mount it nearer the front of the bike. (I may still do so) However it will fit longways where the seat clips in and still allow the seat to go back on, as in the pic. below.

That's it.


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Re: Innovv C5 camera installation.
Reply #1 on: 22 May 20, 07:51:10
 :464: first rate  :028:
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Re: Innovv C5 camera installation.
Reply #2 on: 23 May 20, 01:14:28
Very nice.

You could use double sided tape instead of drilling.
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Re: Innovv C5 camera installation.
Reply #3 on: 23 May 20, 11:40:58
*Originally Posted by whyhaveone [+]
Very nice.

You could use double sided tape instead of drilling.

Yes you could, but I don't trust it on the exterior of a motorbike, especially on such a small and uneven surface area. Were it to give way the camera would almost certainl get damaged.