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Fork Strip Down
on: 22 May 20, 12:24:31
               Have a leaking fork seal after 5k miles, out of warranty so it's diy, looking at the kawasaki manual exploded view it shows holes in the slider but on page 13-12 the pics don't show them and as far as I can see and you need the clamp 57001-1693 or equivalent, is this correct? If so I'll need to modify my fork spring compressor or machine a clamp, anyone have the dimensions for it? Would like to have the tools before I strip it, I've done Showa before on Ducs but anything to watch out for?



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Re: Fork Strip Down
Reply #1 on: 25 May 20, 03:43:55
Have you tried cleaning the seal with a strip of 35mm film?  With only 5K on the clock I can't imagine a seal being worn. Moto riders use that trick often.


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Re: Fork Strip Down
Reply #3 on: 26 May 20, 07:16:27
My 2011 definitely had holes in the slider, sorry I don't know the dimensions though.

Like the others have said it might be worth trying to clean the seals first though.


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Re: Fork Strip Down
Reply #4 on: 27 May 20, 11:08:17
Thanks for the replies guys , already tried cleaning it, the inner tube has no scoring so dodgy seal?  It's leaking pretty badly, the oil has got on the caliper and disc and contaminated the pads, on the fairing too.
 Foxy thanks, my compressor will work if the holes are there, otherwise it will have to wait a day or two on the stands while I measure up and machine a clamp, if I do I'll post the dimensions. Mike