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Author Topic: New chain and sprockets  (Read 1197 times)

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Re: New chain and sprockets
Reply #10 on: 28 Mar 20, 08:10:07
I'm with others on this one.  My 15 chain was quite resilient but the chain and rear disk on my 19 seems to rust at the merest sight of moisture.  Bikes both treated the same.


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Re: New chain and sprockets
Reply #11 on: 02 Apr 20, 09:18:50
I always buy top spec chain and sprockets, original equipment isn't always more expensive, and I change the front sprocket at about 12 to 15000 miles it keeps the drive running smoothly till it's time to change it all around the 30000 mark.


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Re: New chain and sprockets
Reply #12 on: 04 Apr 20, 01:33:39
i like to buy oem front sprockets as i found with my other kawasakis that the unrubbered pattern ones gave you an annoying whine.

rear sprockets ive tried allsorts, once tried alloy that lasted 3 months!!!
i like DID chains and the zvm range are perfect for the "fit and forget" types like me who clean them once every couple of years till they are on the limit then i try looking after them regularly (once a month) when its too late.

did i see the JT front sprocket with the rubber damper stuck to it?
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Re: New chain and sprockets
Reply #13 on: 06 Apr 20, 10:48:16
Looking to do this soon too. I've ordered full Renthal chain and sprockets. Some garage therapy in these lockdown times.
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