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Author Topic: 4yr it worth getting?  (Read 604 times)

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Re: 4yr it worth getting?
Reply #10 on: 23 Feb 20, 07:05:08
I personally won't be taking it up on either my Z100SX or my Z900RS Cafe....they wouldn't offer it if not confident of a profit from it.
Also ensure what it actually covers......small print would probably be a minefield and I doubt headlamps etc would be covered .       
I know white goods manufacturers make as much out of the insurance as they did out of the sale !


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Re: 4yr it worth getting?
Reply #11 on: 28 Feb 20, 05:16:12
My MY18 came automatically with 2+2 warranty when purchased (to my surprise because I haven't asked for it).
Apparently was a promo for all MY18 1000cc models.