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Author Topic: New Ninja 1000SX: dodgy info on insurance database?  (Read 866 times)

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Jesus ###king Christ

i used to work in insurance so i know may way around (would be chartered insurer by today's standard but i packed it in 30 years ago) but ###k me no wonder the everyday person is so ###ked off by them

just a straight additional to the policy on multi-bike, in theory, should be easy,

after the usual 'security' questions

them: what's the reg what security does it have

me: its @@20 @@@ with data tag like they all have and immobilizer

them: what make its that

Me: its a ninja 1000 sx UK 2020 model as listed on the Kawasaki web site i pick it up on Wednesday brand new

them: how old is it

me: its brand new

them: has it been insured before

me: no its brand new

them: how many miles will it have on it

me: its brand new so none

them: how long have you owned it

me: i have not its brand new, i pick it up on Wednesday so i need the policy to start midnight Wednesday

them: it'll need to be refereed it takes 48 hrs, so we'll know by Thursday

me: that's no good i need to know for Wednesday

them: i'll escalate it and we'll text you


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I feel your pain. What made it worse was the fact that Bennett's review the same model, in Tourer spec, on their website and YouTube channel.
Good luck!


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They are all utter muppets, I had a similar problem with mine last year (brand new)

I had the registration number, but it wasnt yet on DVLA database and they had no way of doing the insurance without it being a known registration on the DVLA database and they couldnt do without the registration number.

Talk about stupid, its not like this problem cant have come up before!


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Had fun with my insurance too, pretty much same convo as the transcript above, My Tracer 900 2016 model with Bennetts £256 fully Comp, best I could get on my 2020 NINJA was with Kawasaki Insurance £795...with no NCB (haven't ridden for a few years). I re did the quote with 1 year NCB to see what it would likely be next year £305. Expensive first year then reasonably sensible.