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Author Topic: Hazard lights not working  (Read 231 times)

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Hazard lights not working
on: 23 Jan 20, 12:59:40
I've fitted switchback lights or daylight running lights to my 2017.
So basically for those that don't know, I've taken the standard indicator bulb out and replaced with LED bulb. Only on the front.
They are an extremely bright white bulb until you put the indicator on and they then flash bright orange.
Really happy with them, makes the bikes presence a lot more visible.
Each bulb has its own ballast.
Three wires, one ground, one indicator,(a male bulb end that goes into the original light fitting) one white light feed, either from the lights or auxiliary wires.

However, hazards no longer work.
Are the hazards fed by a different relay that may not like LED (although the power would still run though the ballasts)
It obviously doesn't light something.
On hazards, I get one flash then nothing.
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