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rblr1000 2020
on: 19 Jan 20, 11:05:28

as previous posters have put a link but no one appears to have for while

its a good day, not as onerous as it appears on paper or in any recent magazine articles on long distance riding - perhaps the most onerous thing is the 05.00 start

the aim is to complete it in 23 hrs, 59 mins and 59 sec which averages out at around 45 mph ish

no prizes for finishing first and penalties for completing it before a certain time

you are asked to raise a little money for the BL - a good cause by anyone's standard

it can be used as an entry ride of IBA membership but there is no membership fee or any requirement to be a member once completed - but always welcome

its an NRR gold but twice as long with fewer control points in nice parts of GB

couple of you-pube posts on it if you search, one by coffeepot

give it a go - you might surprise yourself and enjoy it and dispel the myths that anyone who rides more than 150 miles in a day is a dangerous fool


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Re: rblr1000 2020
Reply #1 on: 02 Feb 20, 07:27:06
Looks interesting  :002: :028:
If your not smiling after a ride, go and do it again till you are!!