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Hello I am new here
on: 17 Jan 20, 01:56:41
Hi all you SX owners, let me introduce myself.
I bought a new SX1000 Touring in 2017 (extras included the Akrapovic exhausts, orange seat cowl, 12v socket, engine protectors) after having been looking at them for a few years, then saw the orange one at the London show, it looked great, sat on it and i fitted into it nicely, so bought one after a bit of research.
I have owned a Z1000 ABS model since 2009, it is a 2007 model, registered in 08 then i bought it in 09 pre reg but new, at a very tempting reduced price, love that bike and still have it and use it.
I have joined this site now because the SX to me is undergeared, higher revving than my Z1000, which i found odd as it is labelled a sports/tourer and i wanted to do some touring with the panniers being a great option.
I researched all the available Kawasaki sprocket combinations which would fit my bike then off i went to my dealer with a list of part numbers.
The technician at the dealer where i bough it said i cannot alter the gearing at all as it would throw the engine management system and traction control out, plus the speedo would read wrong, disappointed i had to leave it as is. I now have been told by another dealer i can change the sprockets but Kawasaki don't list any alternatives, so here i am on the search for a less revvy ride, i know with the low gearing it launches like a scalded cat which is fun but it isn't the reason i bought the bike.
Thanks for anyone who has read all this, I hope to be able to do something to what is a fantastic bike. Maybe slightly higher bars, mmm some people just are never happy unless tinkering...


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Re: Hello I am new here
Reply #1 on: 17 Jan 20, 03:41:12

If you use the search facility on the forum you will find that gearing and bar risers are bother well covered subjects.


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Re: Hello I am new here
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Re: Hello I am new here
Reply #3 on: 17 Jan 20, 05:26:15
 :401: Dave, you can change the gearing, one sprocket but not both. If you hit the search button you will find a few threads, it's been well covered.


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Re: Hello I am new here
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Re: Hello I am new here
Reply #5 on: 18 Jan 20, 07:49:14
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