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Re: Coolant level
Reply #10 on: 02 Sep 19, 02:28:04
This is all a bit overkill.  The system is sealed so the tilt on the bike really shouldn't impact the level in the reservoir significantly anyway.  Plus it's not that critical as long as there is some fluid in the reservoir.  If you are really worried about getting the bike vertical just pop a small block of wood under the stand, sufficient to get the bike near upright.
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Re: Coolant level
Reply #11 on: 02 Sep 19, 09:48:44
To check oil and water level I just pull the bike upright, then hold it that way with the pillion grab handle (I'm on the opposite side to the side stand) then crouch down and look at the levels. I'd never lean it against a wall. Sometimes need to wipe the expansion tank first to have better view of level. Funnily enough, I  had to top mine up once (ever) and same with my car (about 3 years ago it started losing coolant, then stopped). No obvious signs of leaks in either vehicle and no mayo in their oil, so all a bit odd but gone away.


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Re: Coolant level
Reply #12 on: 05 Sep 19, 02:40:28
My bikes now 4 months old [2000 miles] and I've noticed the coolant in the expansion tank is on the low mark when cold. I would like to add a little to bring it up to between the marks. What coolant should be added, the manual doesn't help.


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Re: Coolant level
Reply #13 on: 06 Sep 19, 06:28:11
I stand corrected...but as long as it is motorcycle coolant and right colour should be fine...mine had green in it which was putoline coolant, think there is blue and red available from other makes....ask what they used at service might help.... :027:


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Re: Coolant level
Reply #14 on: 07 Sep 19, 12:45:12
To check the oil level on my own I lean an old bathroom mirror at the correct angle against
a bucket then sit on the bike and view the level in the mirrors reflection ,that way you can see
just how little you have to lean the bike over to get a false reading .
You could always tie a mirror to a stick and that might work with checking the coolant as well .
PS never check the oil level on an Abba stand as it will be miles out .