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Author Topic: Brake juddder  (Read 4198 times)

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Re: Brake juddder
Reply #20 on: 05 May 19, 01:16:21
Had a similar issue with my 2014. The bike had ebc aftermarket discs so wasn't able to rotate and squirt brake cleaner on them. I was convinced the discs were warped but thought before I went down the route of buying Brembo replacements I would give them a thorough and detail clean. I bought some piston retractors to help the job along and hey presto-no judder! I do the same with the v strom I now own and will continue to make this a regular job when I get my next sx as they do seem to clart up their calipers very quickly. Hope that helps.  :002:


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Re: Brake juddder
Reply #21 on: 16 Jun 19, 09:23:40
Well finally got bike back - new front disc (2) and pads, nice to be able to stop smoothly again