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Tyres - No, not which ones should I fit :-)
« on: Yesterday at 04:28:21 PM »
Having ridden about 700 miles on the SX now, in rain, damp and dry conditions, the grin on my face continues to grow.

Initially, I found the Bridgestone Battlax tyres that are fitted - they are the originals with 5500 miles on them - very nervous on white lines. Now I know this, I avoid the white paint if it is anything other than bone dry or I'm ready for shimmy as I cross the centre line while passing cars on the way to work.

In the dry and the wet though, I'm finding the Battlax Hypersports rather inspiring. Have I lost my mind? These are the standard tyres the bike came with and I like them.  :005:

They are getting low on tread. I guess a shorter life is the price you pay for grip, and they will need changing before the tour of Spain in early May. Still 6,000 miles and still very legal isn't bad.

Advice from a respected racer who knows Kawasaki's very well is that Roadtec 01s transform the SX. Considering I'm really enjoying the SX on worn Battlax Bridgestones, I can't imagine how much better the SX would be after the suggested Metzler transformation.

Any thoughts on Battlax tyres anyone ... Have you found premium brand tyres (Roadtec, GTs, etc etc) to be on another level?

Final question: While cleaning off the dirt from this mornings ride, I noticed what I thought was a stone cut in the centre tread of the tyre. Closer inspection shows what these nicks are around the whole circumference of the tyre, but only in the very centre of the tread. Any ideas??

Cheers Himself 
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