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Author Topic: Spongy brake issue  (Read 4363 times)

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Re: Spongy brake issue
Reply #30 on: 25 Oct 18, 11:01:54
*Originally Posted by Baldyone12 [+]
Hi everyone took the bike out today into my nearby rugby club car park with smooth tarmac and carried out slow moving test, pulled  the brake lever slowly gripping  the disc and is clearly everdent there is a slight kink in the disc, pat on the back to you all especially machine for calling it, now I now the cost of oem discs,  what do you recommend for replacement  or should I stay oem..... :828:

If I was to replace my discs today I would go for Brembo, see link below. That predictive text is a contradiction in terms and a pain in the ****.  :745: