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Re: Waterproof Summer Gloves
Reply #20 on: 25 Sep 18, 12:25:56
*Originally Posted by Splash [+]
I am with Popinman on this, Held Air n Dry gloves are very good.
I bought these as well.  They are great but not perfect.  They have 2 chambers and the waterproof one is brilliant and not padded out like winter gloves so you still get lots of feeback through the bars, brakes etc.  I have been caught in downpours with these gloves and they have not let in a drop.
The summer chamber is ok but when it gets wet it wont dry out so if you are caught in a shower and then the sum comes out you can't use the summer chamber as its damp.  Also the waterproofing is on the top chamber so there is no venting for your hands on hot days.  The vents are on the palms and between the fingers so you have to spreads your fingers out to get some air in.  I think its a great 3 season glove despite these.  I would buy another pair no problem.